Upcoming maintenance and changes

Hello there! You may have noticed that the site is all sorts of wonky at the moment. I’m having some software issues, which should get resolved over the weekend. The server needs some TLC, so we might go offline for a little bit. I’m also considering switching to an order sheet system for axolotl, newt and maybe reptile supplies? I have so much stuff I’ve never even taken the time to post online. I’ve been an authorized dealer for Repashy, Zoo Med and many others for years… I just don’t have the time to enter photos and description and calculate shipping information for each item individually, you know? I’ve got animals to raise. And live insects. Did you even know about the live insects? lol

Yeah, I’m not really a great business person. I do this because I love it, but the whole advertising aspect makes me cringe. It would be nice if I could make ends meet more often, though. And you do need axolotl food, don’t you?