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Adopt an Axolotl or Newt

Are you ready for a 15 year committment?

Axolotls and Spanish ribbed newts can live as long as a cat or a dog. Like any other animal, they can get sick or injured and may require veterinary care at some point. If you are an parent getting a pet for a child, are you prepared to look after the animal yourself if needed? If you are a student, will you still be able to care for your pet if your workload increases or your living situation changes?

Who can apply?

  • Adult residents and facilities located in the following Canadian provinces and territories: ON, QC, MB, SK, AB, NL, NT, YU and NU
  • Educational, research and wildlife conservation facilities in any Canadian province, with the appropriate permits from your local wildlife department where required (NB, NS, BC, PEI)

Note that we cannot ship to rural areas. If there’s a zero in your postal code, you must be prepared to come pick up your axolotl in MontrĂ©al, QC or Calgary, AB.

Is your aquarium ready?

Before submitting this form, please familiarize yourself with the Nitrogen Cycle and basic care requirements. We will not sell you an animal unless you have the appropriate housing setup for it, including a fully cycled filter.

Adoption Application for Water Critters and Hollies Hobbies Calgary

If you can’t see the adoption form below, try turning off your ad blocker or use this link to access the form directly.