Indian Almond Leaves


Mild antifungal and antibacterial for axolotls and other sensitive species.

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Due to their tannin content, indian almond leaves (also known as cattapa leaves) are used as a mild antifungal and antibacterial for sensitive aquatic species. Also makes a great grazing ground for fish fry and invertebrates. Safe for axolotls, newts, fish and invertebrates when used as directed. Will not harm your bio filter. Note that the tannins released will add a yellow-brown tint to the water. Price is per leaf.

Directions: plunge one leaf in boiling water for a few seconds, then rinse under cool water. Add directly to your aquarium and allow the leaf to slowly decompose over time. If using in an axolotl tank, make sure any pieces are large enough not to be accidentally ingested, and remove after a few days.

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